After struggling with my golf game for a while, I contacted Maggie for lessons. She is very easy to work with, gives instruction in a way that is easy to understand and follow. I always felt relaxed during the lessons and looked forward to the next. Maggie helped me to reach my goals for my game and set new ones. I will continue to go to her for future lessons.   Mary C.

Maggie has helped my game in numerous ways with her helpful and inspirational teachings. Learning under her instruction in lessons has allowed me to make tremendous gains in my golf skills. I am now being looked at by college coaches thanks to our success together.  Autumn S.


Coach Maggie is outstanding!  I have enjoyed her lessons so much that I have continued golfing with her for three years. Ms. Maggie has so many good methods that have improved my swing, putting game, aim, and distance.  She has many games to play, and I have fun every lesson.  I plan to keep golfing with her.    Caroline M

My ten-year-old daughter has been golfing with Coach Maggie for three years during which time she has grown greatly in her golf skills and her knowledge and appreciation of the game. Most important to me is that she still goes to Coach Maggie's lessons with the same excitement and enthusiasm as she did when she first started.   Erik M  (Caroline’s Dad)

I consider myself an experienced golfer, but let me be quick to add that does not necessarily mean good, just a lot of years enjoying the game.  As we age we have the tendency to get “set in our ways” and sometimes unteachable.  Maggie has been great to work with my swing with reasonable corrections and patience when I can not always break old habits.  She has great insight regarding the physical ability a client may have and is very mindful of any limitations regarding the golf swing.  I would highly recommend her instruction to improve your game on any level.  Gina V.

 Twenty four years ago I crushed my elbow. With a long recovery and continued pain, it ended my enjoyment of golf. My husband and son both play and I became a fixture in the golf cart. Still wanting to learn how to get back in the game and learn it all over from scratch, I approached Maggie McCormick about golf lessons. I am developing a swing and learning the game. I am enjoying the lessons so very much! I realize I am not the easiest student " old dogs-new tricks" and all that, but Maggie is helping to overcome my fear of not doing well and to understand what and why I need to do, as I attempt to swing. I am thrilled Maggie will continue my lessons.   Renee F.